Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The 1002nd night

Padma thought the radish joke might be too risqué for the ruler, whose sense of humor was not known for much alacrity.

But Kamini decided to go ahead – after all, she would be wearing her ravishing purple sari.

Padma was finally relieved of her worrying when Kamini’s ring tone – the first few notes of the theme song from Mohabbatein – sounded after midnight.

This had been their agreed signal if things were all right.

– Leonard Blumfeld ( © 2010 )

Written to use up risque, radish, ring tone, ravishing, ruler from Raven’s Saturday Wordzzle Challenge for Week 98.

A German translation of this story is here.


Raven said...

Welcome to wordzzles! This was perfect wordzzling. Concise and entertaining. Loved the video too.

Argent said...

Yay! A new Wordzzler! Nice image there with those words, all exotic and full of eastern promise. You can see min (if you so desire) by going to Raven's page and clinking her "Mr Linky" Widget. I'm Argent.