Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A look out the window

Change is imminent in the form of an office move. The streets, buildings and sky I see through this window I will most likely never again see from here.

  • KFC with its corner towerlet and oversize colonel serving container on top
  • The power plant with its gigantic chimneys, not all stark grey and white in a postmodern industrial improvement attempt – yes, there are steel green and pale lilac parts
  • The new Penny Market with its aluminum diner design and neatly outlined parking spaces
  • Beyond it the pale olive green and drab grey of a car plant, with the giveaway star circling above
  • More industrial building layers with pipes, windows, chimneys
  • The Kart-o-Mania rink
  • Life: flags fluttering, cars driving by, dropping and imbibing people
  • Late November: big, slow-moving clouds, white and grey, with fuzzy windows to blue sky

That's it for now.

Monday, November 5, 2007

A green light day

it when
lights turn green
as I cross and things
go my way. No red lights now, please.

– Leonard Jaywalker Blumfeld (© 2007)

Cautionary note
One green traffic light a day doth not make (as a single swallow a summer doth not make) ...