Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The ragged fib

I say?
You occur
quite ragged today.
Not your tidy self, my sweet elf.

- Leonard "Downright Ragged Himself" Blumfeld

Written to include occur, ragged and tidy from 3WW. Sweet, funny or merely insipid? You be the judge, dear reader.


ThomG said...

man, you could be talking about me today.

Angel said...

I really liked that. Nicely done.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I am so delighted to find a fibonacci!! YAY!!!

Great micropoem... and it must be catching because not only are you describing Thom, you've got me covered, too.


Daily Panic said...

I knew my haircut didn't do me any favors. Thanks for the honesty!

Andy Sewina said...


Stan Ski said...

We all have our off-days.

Dee Martin said...

darn messy elf. I like that idea

Tumblewords: said...

What fun. I haven't written a fib for a while - yours inspires me. A delightful read!

Inigo Montoya said...


Jay Thurston said...

It worked. I feel self conscious now. And I am not even an elf.

Clever use of the words, I liked this much!