Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I don't know, maybe it was the roses
– Robert Hunter/Jerry Garcia

– Leonard “Minimalist” Blumfeld

Written for napowrimo #27, let somebody else take the lead.

Quite possibly the shortest poem I've ever written. I could write more about its inception.
First, there was the objective to write an acrostic poem. Second, my friend Chris' wife Rose celebrated her birthday yesterday. Third, when I thought of "rose," the song by Jerry Garcia I quoted from popped into my mind. Fourth, where does "Elaine" come from? That shall remain a mystery. Just like the whole little nothing of a poem, which could be called a "cliffhanger" at best.


Dan Rako said...

Reading the bus schedule after escaping the church?

Leonard Blumfeld said...

Thanks, Dan! You actually hit the nail on the head because I actually DID think of Elaine Robinson from "The Graduate" :)

J. D. Mackenzie said...

Leonard, quite possible the most tame, and least believable excuses from one of my favorites.

Aayushi Mehta said...

Lovely and effortless.