Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Letter to his older sister

Dear Mabelle,

I’ll order the squall jacket you recommded,
my that will be one fierce tendril less. I won’t flinch
no more with the crow at the emporium, as I used to,
and feel so small, like peppered rust reverberating.
Now there’s only one thing that remains to be said,
and that is that I dislike saffron, so contrary to your
advice I will not take those pills. CU tomorrow!


Written for napowrimo #22, in which the following words were proposed:


Julie Jordan Scott said...

What a fun energy in this poem/letter. I never had the nerve to talk to my older siblings like that. I thought they had all the power in the world, saffron or no saffron.

My Day 22 Poem is "Squall Blows"

L. Monique said...

"peppered rust reverberating". Nice joining of words.

Катя said...

I agree with L. Monique. Perhaps because of the presence of saffron, pepper in my head was decidedly food.

The Good Typist said...

This was a really fun read! I loved the format and your inventive use the words, especially "peppered rust reverberating"

1965 Footprints said...

I love how you got all the words in such a succinct piece. I love the idea of a letter, too.

Robin said...

I like this, and I love the final line!