Tuesday, February 26, 2008

See you lator

I still likes my amplificator
but now also wants a magnificator
before heading down to the equator
with my magnanimator
to avoid the torpiditator
with his pet alligator,
an eradicator
by trade, a voluminator,
and terminator by effect.

– Len "Procrastinator" Blumfeld

That one came out of the blue. I only felt exhausted and depleted when I started a list of words, existing and invented, ending in -ator. Now I feel much refreshed. Ain't that sumpin'!


GEM said...

From conglaturator
for you, you wonder
of a confabulator.
Just a question,
"are you also a

Leonard Blumfeld said...

Oh, you caught me red-handed, gem!

I have to admit to not quite knowing what a prestidigator might be or do!

Thanks :)