Friday, February 15, 2008

My darling daughter’s got a relapse of the terrible twos

You there....
Trip her.
I’m making pakoras
for a crowd, my hands are full,
and she is spinning like a top,
stopping only to push
the pink button again
when La Bamba’s over
on the dratted pink kid
cassette player granny
gave her on her birthday.
And off she goes again
with that exhilarated grin,
that evil chuckle on her chin...
You there, Maria, quick:
get her, grab her ...
before she trips herself.

– Len “Parent Rewarded” Blumfeld (© 2008)

Sparked by the reading of Rhian's poem for Monday Poetry Train #43.


the teach said...

excellent poem, Leon! Even took a look at Rhian's poem which was also interesting! Enjoy your weekend! :)

GEM said...

"Stopping only to push again the pink button....". Oh, how this expresses the irritating habit these wee'uns have of repetitious, dervish movements. This is one terrific poem. Thanks for it this morning, Len. G and GEM