Friday, November 19, 2010


For her (who else?)

Past knocks on door, perturbing –
all a bad dream?

It was like this a long time ago –
an endless, semi-mute coexistence,

ups and downs brought on
by nothing but my imagination

(which is fruitful, very
fruitful, but hesitant to

come to the surface).
“You have a rich interior

life,” my therapist told me,
“it’s just that nobody

knows about it.”
She also told me that anecdote

about walking along
and stepping into a pothole.

That doing it once is ok,
even repeating it once

can be excused. But three
times means you’re

a bad learner. I am.
I can’t seem to wait

to set up the next pothole
for myself to step into.

– Leonard “He Who Suspects the Truth” Blumfeld (© 2010)

Written for One Single Impression and Echoes.


Felicity said...

Wow. This is brilliant. My new favourite from amongst all your works. :)

World So Wide said...

Thank you very much, Amrita!

SuziCate said...

richer inner life...just nobody knows it, love that! When it comes to certain people or matters of the heart, the most intelligent can be slow learners. Like was you did with "echoes".

SandyCarlson said...

Meet me at the shoe store, and we can buy some galoshes and laugh at ourselves. I do the same thing!