Wednesday, March 19, 2008

She’s been misunderstood

“You’re telling me that you lost the money because your undies got tangled up?”
“In the drier, as I told you before!”
“And you expect me to believe that you carry your money in your undies and put them in the drier with the money? The bus fare you owe this company, to be exact.”
“Not me! My mother did.”
“This is getting more mysterious all the time.”
“You don’t understand. See, the undies didn’t get quite dry because they were tangled up, but I put them on anyway.”
“Then, after a while, I realized they were wet, and that my pants had also gotten wet.”
“I see.”
“So then I had to put on the other pair of pants.”
“Which didn’t have the money in them?”
“Yes. – And then I had to run to make it to the bus to go to school.”
“Without undies, without money, but with the new pair of pants.”
“Yes, except they’re not new. You’re getting this all wrong!”
“I give up in desperation. Scoot!”
“You’re letting me go?”
“Yes, and you better get lost before I insist on verifying the undy situation.”

– Leonard Blumfeld
weaving the words money, tangled and understood into an incredible dialog for 3WW #78.


PJD said...

Definitely something that could be overheard. If I overheard it on the bus, though, it'd be very difficult not to snicker.

Voices of NLD said...

Very cute and somehow believable

Tumblewords: said...

LOL - I'm sure this is not fiction! Maybe.

paisley said...

hey... it very well could happen... just... like... that....

very clever.

UL said...

it is hilarious...thanks for the laugh.

WriterKat said...

This is fun to read. Weird & wacky - the words are believable. Who knows what went on there. :-)

gautami tripathy said...

I can believe it. Kids come with wacky excuses!


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little wing writer said...

absolutely loved it!!!... gee, wish i woulda thought of that...

Bone said...

I very much enjoyed this humorous little conversation.

That's one of those excuses that is so far out there, it almost has to be true. And if not, give them credit for creativity anyway.

TC said...

I agree with the others. It's just crazy enough to be true :)

And very enjoyable to read. Well done.