Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Still life in big building

I'm nearly alone in this big building
which houses more than a thousand.
I ran into a few when I made my way in this morning.
Nobody's come by my despacho since then.
The phone's been silent.
It is a still life except for my fingers typing.

– Leonard Blumfeld

Written upon inspiration by Sunday Scribblings' Nearly.

Things ain't as bad as the above makes them sound. I suppressed a few people encounters for enhanced effect. This is what you call poetic license.
My daily e-mail horoscope told me that romantic change is impending today. Can't wait.
Does that horoscope apply to all capricorns?


jaerose said...

I can picture you there..and I wonder if 999 other people in the building are typing away behind their doors..I hope it really isn't too bad..'Hello' from another 'still-life' albeit in a smaller building but quietly typing away..Jae

Shammi said...

You are very, very good. VERY good with words and imagery. I like!

Ron. said...

I love those unexpected moments of solitude or near solitude. Poetically "enhancing" their occurrence is not only perfectly acceptable but, these overcrowded days, almost mandatory. Well done.

And thanks for stopping by the eggs.