Friday, March 14, 2008


That reminds me of Geneva in ca. 1974

A bunch of us were waiting for the youth hostel doors to open

An Italian youth (but I was a youth myself then) tried to explain to me in English why he loved the music of Jimi Hendrix so much

Sometimes he threw in French words when English failed him (because I’d told him I spoke some French)

With a mounting degree of desperation he kept telling dense me that Jimi’s guitar playing was the opposite of "sale" (he didn’t exactly pronounce it the French way)

That is "dirty" in French

So Jimi’s music was "clean"

It has stayed that way for me ever since ca. 1974 when that Italian youth told me in front of the Geneva youth hostel in summer

– Leonard Blumfeld

Written on inspiration from Blog Friday.


Shyam said...

Aint nothing to do with this post of yours... but I take it you're a Mukesh fan, being as you've got his pic up there? :) Been meaning to ask you, but kept forgetting. Until now.

Leonard Blumfeld said...

Yes, I am indeed a Mukesh fan! Great singer - too bad he died at such a relatively young age.

You're the first to recognize this photo as what it is, I believe. :)

Shyam said...

I'm a fan of old Hindi movie songs - and for me, NOBODY can beat the Holy Trinity of Mukesh, Rafi and Kishore. I think Mukesh was a great singer, but his voice limited him to sad songs, dont you think?