Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Darshini David’s wardrobe

Dedicated to her

her big
buttons and
collars and has sets
of them: mauve, beige, red, turquoise, etc.

– Leonard Blumfeld

This is in reference to BBC news presenter Darshini David, who seems to have a distinct predilection for tops with oversized collars and plastic buttons. She has at least four of these in different colors. Where does she get them?
Can “etc.” squeeze through as a one-syllable word? I hope so. (It certainly would have one syllable if it were pronounced “ets.”) If not, the purity of the venerable fib form is compromised here.

1 comment:

antonio romero said...

oh, dear god... Darshini's "costumes" drive me and my girlfriend nuts! We call them "Eggy suits." I always suspected that someone close to her whom she couldn't offend made them for her...

Beautiful woman, but what the H*LL is she wearing?