Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Proverbs from the Chinese VII

Do not demolish resolution.

– Leonard "Proverbially Yours" Blumfeld

Another puzzler from the infinite well of Chinese wisdom. Since it's so close to the beginning of the new year and its resolutions, the advice appears to be particularly appropriate.

Includes the words demolish, resolution and transform from 3WW.


Poets United said...

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~ Robert Lloyd

JAMINI said...

I love your stuff. Just discovered it by complete chance upon typing "Ode To Loneliness" - I just feel very lonely right now and your sense of humor just brightened by day, week, month!! I am amazed to see the movies you like, and the fact that you live in Stuttgart and list Pather Panchali as one of your favourite movies. I know you're hiding under that false name somewhere, but if you ever come to Paris and would like to have a coffee with someone who comes from Mr Ray's land, let me know at jamini.paris@gmail.com
Have a wonderful day .....