Sunday, June 12, 2011

All that’s missing

“The next step might be decisive, Mabel. Just think –”
Mabel gazed dreamily out the window onto the green of the Schlossgarten.
“Just think of what might happen if I kissed you now.”
“You’ve already got your hand on mine.”
“Just think. We might fall in love, move in together, have children –”
All the while the form, the smile, the far-away presence of Evgeny was on Mabel’s mind.
“You’ve got it all pictured, I see.”
“Well, to be honest, I wouldn’t mind if it happened that way.”
“And if you were to be dishonest? Would you admit to just wanting to get into my pants?”
Mabel pulled her hand away from under his, reached for her purse, took out her wallet and put a five Euro bill on the table.
“It’s been nice, John, but I’ve got to run. This,” she pointed at the money, “should cover my cappucino and some tip.”
And with those parting words and a little wave she was gone.
John touched the bill with his middle finger and sighed.
“All that’s missing is a Dear John letter,” he muttered to himself.
He signaled to the waitress. Blonde, somewhat Slavic looking, plump, perhaps 45, bright blue eyes. About his age. While Mabel was in her early thirties.
“Zahlen, bitte.”
She told him how much it was with a strong accent.
He gave her the money, including a generous tip.
“Do you speak English?”
“A little.”
“What is your name?”
“Would you fancy going out with me after work, Natalia?”

– Leonard Blumfeld (© 2011)

Written around ‘The next step’ from Sunday Scribblings.

This little tale is set in Stuttgart, southern Germany. ‘Schlossgarten’ is the name of the city park. ‘Zahlen bitte’ means 'The bill, please.'


jaerose said...

Searching the world for the only thing that is've left me with many questions..and I am wondering about these characters..hmm..thank you! Jae

Mary said...

You have written an interesting story, made me wonder what WILL be yet the next step.

Old Altonian said...

Nicely written scenario; you can see and hear this every day, in every cafe and restaurant in Finland, the blokes think they are irresistable. Wrong!!

LeiffyV said...

A very interesting piece. I have to say the conversation seemed a little off but then I think I might be a little too used to the details going on around the characters and whatnot. The basics are great though, the inability to find love, the constant wanting and searching. Good job, thanks for sharing with us!

Berowne said...

Ausgezeichnet; vielen dank.

Anonymous said...

The conversation told me a lot about John. It was very well done.