Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I could use a little now and then.

Even right now. Limbo is impending, even though not quite upon me yet – my work situation is about to change radically. I won't work in the same place any longer, won't be around the same people, some of whom have become friends over the nearly three years I've been here.

I have all intentions to bid good-bye to my beloved, who is among these people. I've come to the conclusion that it will be best to cut ties completely to regain peace of mind and peace of heart.

So – let me try and work some alchemy, generate light that shines and points me in the right direction.

– Leonard "Alchemist" Blumfeld

Posted for Sunday Scribblings and Alchemy.


Felicity said...

I'm sorry but I just saw your comment on the post about my book. Could you tell me what exactly the difficulty was with Writers Workshop? Also, if you would give me your email address, I'll write to you and discuss the possibility of me sending a copy over.

Felicity said...

Somehow or the other, this post reminded me of a quote by Foer that
I recently quoted on my blog - "You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness". I hope you keep that in mind before you burn any bridges.

Dee Martin said...

prayers and thoughts friend. Upheaval is never easy.

Tumblewords: said...

Here's wishing good alchemy for you!

Stan Ski said...

Limbo is crowded but lonely. Luckily it's only a short stay place.