Saturday, April 25, 2009


A digitally processed gouache sketch from 2003.
Since the original was mostly green, my initial intention was to use it for the previous green topic. But the scan struck me as boring. While playing around with the tools of digital editing, I arrived at this version, which shows what I'd call a dynamic push. The massive, bulldog-like body on the right – itself receiving a push from the right – is going to collide with the spiky* body on the left. The resulting crash should be interesting...
Now for Inspire Me Thursday's Push.

*Inspired by Santa Maria della Spina in Florence.

1 comment:

illy-doll said...

Shmick interpretation, and a great explanation :)

Originally I thought the larger pink shapes (ie: the bulldog and spiky ody) were types of hand marks, which would have also fit in with the topic.

I really love the colours in this and how they jump straight out at you.

Well done :)