Monday, April 20, 2009

Back from southern Italy


The green hills of
Trulli country in
white spring blossom –
such allure from my
perch in Locorotondo’s
main piazza

– Leonard “Gone Puglia” Blumfeld

Written around allure, perch and vivid from 3WW.

I wrote the poem from memory, i.e. from the memory of looking down onto the green hillscape from the elevated city park in Locorotondo, and had in mind numerous trees in white blossom among the scattered trulli (cute dwellings with cone-shaped roofs typical of that area of southern Italy – see picture below). When I went back to compare with the pictures I'd taken, there were hardly any trees in white blossom. However, there were plenty of such trees in other parts of the area I'd passed through. Memory can be a treacherous thing!


pia said...

That was beautiful

i find when I'm not photographing my actual visual memory is better. when I rely on photography my memory becomes lazy

I'm a compulsive digital photographer (walk around with a camera always) and sometimes don't let myself photograph things--think it's better for my descriptive powers

ThomG said...

But memory can be such a great thing, too. I look back now to my 61/2 weeks in Italy in 2006 and can still smell the smells.

Th poem is quite lovely, thanks for sharing.

SweetTalkingGuy.. said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time in a beautiful place, the poem is very sweet too.