Monday, July 7, 2008

The breather fib

in July -
a breather -
a breeze before the
next scorcher that is sure to come

– Leonard Blumfeld (© 2008)

A day of emotional relaxation so far, perfect for reporting on something as neutral as the weather. At the same time, I almost reproach myself for being so mercurial: how can it be that someone I felt so passionate about just a few days ago now seems so distant – and not only that, but comfortably so? Or only numbly so – in keeping with the weather?


Anonymous said...

I loved your poem which had little if no reference to the first giraffe. *sarcasm dripping from my lips, much like water from a leaking faucet - can you tell?* I hope your weather improves. I'm sitting here shivering under a blanket, trying to keep warm.

Anywho, my TOP, is a haiku/senryu about a giraffe.

Anonymous said... my last comment, I meant to say the giraffe reference was the sarcastic bit. I did mean that you r poem was great...sorry...I'm a dunderhead. I blame the weather. My son blames the cat and the cat blames the dog. Everyone is to blame for my dudnerheaddednessicity...except me, of course *grins*

And seriously, I do love your poem. I am new to this poem writing business and I am still learning.


SweetTalkingGuy said...

Yeah, I like this, love the shape of the poem and the 'space between' message..