Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekly horoscope

There is a powerfully creative energy at work in your life that is encouraging your natural genius to flow.
Wow! Let it flow.
You are learning that you are capable of far more than you thought possible. Be practical, but dare to challenge yourself as well. Keep moving out of your comfort zone and all will be well.
Good to know that all will be well. But I don't like to leave my comfy zone. Is there anyone who really does?
Monday is excellent for taking risks and showing off your natural talents. Tuesday is not so great, as there are confusing elements in the air that may cause you to make a wrong turn. Take care when signing any new deals or important documents.
Ok, I'll be careful with those deals and documents. None planned anyway.
Venus moves into Taurus on Wednesday which adds a special note of sweetness to your social life. Going on a date should be a lot more romantic and tender at this time.
Let Ms. Venus come!
Thursday in particular could be very passionate with a touch of obsession in the air. Someone may want to get to know you more than you can imagine.
Can't imagine right now, but will be open to imagination.
Saturn turns direct on Friday, which will help you make better progress with all travel affairs, especially any major trips you may be contemplating.
I am contemplating a few indeed. India, U.S., Calabria and a few others.
You will also find that legal issues begin to resolve themselves at last.
There is one that has been weighing on me.
Saturday is not the best day for talking someone around to your point of view, wait a day or two before you do this.
Ok, I'll wait. Even though I usually don't even want to talk people into my point of view.

What a fantastic weekly horoscope. Mr. computer did a good job. Now let's see what happens.

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