Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Project Green with Peter Green

As a contribution to Anna Carson's Project Green I'm posting a video of Peter Green performing Man of the World – a song from the early blues days of Fleetwood Mac. Both the picture and sound quality are excellent. Lyrics below.

Man of the World

Shall I tell you about my life
They say I'm a man of the world
I've flown across every tide
And I've seen lots of pretty girls

I guess I've got everything I need
I would't ask for more
And there's no one I'd rather be
But I just wish that I'd never been born


And I need a good woman
To make me feel like a good man should
I don't say I'm a good man
Oh, but I would be if I could

I could tell you about my life
And keep you amused I'm sure
About all the times I've cried
And how I don't want to be sad anymore
And how I wish I was in love

Written by Peter Green (song released in 1969)


the teach said...

Leonard, I like this take on Project Green. But it's such a sad song...

Leonard Blumfeld said...

I know, I know. It is sad, but somehow it's never had a sad effect on me. More pleasantly melancholy, I should say. As far as I know, Peter Green has had a tough life (the usual rock musician problems) - but such a gifted man...