Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A look out the window

Change is imminent in the form of an office move. The streets, buildings and sky I see through this window I will most likely never again see from here.

  • KFC with its corner towerlet and oversize colonel serving container on top
  • The power plant with its gigantic chimneys, not all stark grey and white in a postmodern industrial improvement attempt – yes, there are steel green and pale lilac parts
  • The new Penny Market with its aluminum diner design and neatly outlined parking spaces
  • Beyond it the pale olive green and drab grey of a car plant, with the giveaway star circling above
  • More industrial building layers with pipes, windows, chimneys
  • The Kart-o-Mania rink
  • Life: flags fluttering, cars driving by, dropping and imbibing people
  • Late November: big, slow-moving clouds, white and grey, with fuzzy windows to blue sky

That's it for now.


KreativeMix said...

how do you like the new office?

Sa Lone Pikin

Leonard Blumfeld said...

Sad to say, the new office is a step down in many ways ... five or six people stuck in one room now instead of two or three ... mysterious headaches ... longer drive ... absence of decent restaurants nearby ...