Friday, October 26, 2007

Everests looming up ahead

Today's Astrocenter horoscope said:
If this month were a mountain, today is the day you would plant your flag on its summit. But before you go back down into the valley, it might be wise to take a look at the path you took to get there, and ahead to your future, especially since you may be a little depressed about not reaching even higher peaks. Not everyone can climb Mount Everest. Perhaps you are in training for an even higher climb to the top!
Is there any truth to it?
  • There's some truth, but more about the "little depressed" part.
  • I definitely feel like I'm in training. Most of the time. Like just about everyone else.
  • Today's summit feels like a minor mountain pass at most. But there are a few hours left to climb higher, right?
  • I'm definitely not in flag planting mood. What flag?
  • Should I worry about lack of oxygen with the peaks looming up ahead?


Bhaswati said...

Wow, what a cerebral forecast. :P

Leonard Blumfeld said...

Quite true, Bhaswati.

But this is really what I received in the mail that day.