Sunday, October 14, 2007

Early, early morning

Late night out with my son who just came back from a year in Malaysia and Singapore.

It's great to have him back (or at least nearer).

So many things to talk about. It's like he left yesterday and we resumed yesterday's talk.

Shamanism in Hinduism, the God greeted in the German 'Grüß Gott' as well as 'Namaste'.

Sartre's grasp of Man's contemporary loneliness, but without a spiritual, universal, historical or future perspective.

And zillions of other things we touched on.


the teach said...

Always wonderful to have a loved one home after a long time...Enjoy!

Leonard Blumfeld said...

Thanks, Mary!

I've been talking to him a lot these days, and it continues to be great.

Thanks also for continuing to stop by.

Saline County, Arkansas Photos said...

I wish my daughter and I were close.

Leonard Blumfeld said...

Thanks for stopping by, "saline county."

I enjoyed looking at some of your photos.