Wednesday, June 6, 2007

From the office work province

  1. The blinds are down, there's a welcomingly mild sun out there. Most people have gone out for lunch. It's peaceful here in the outpost of a gigantic company.
  2. I suffer from time elapse anxiety syndrome (TEA).
  3. Do many people suffer from this disease?
  4. Symptom: feeling that time is slipping by without you getting urgent things done.
  5. This symptom makes me nervous.
  6. Until I succumb to the next "what's so important that it really needs to be done in the overall scheme of things" mood.
  7. Those moods are philosophical and soothing,
  8. but they don't get anything done.

Yours from the office grind Len B.


radueriel said...

i got that disease too!

(i think...)

the teach said...

Thank goodness, I don't have to sit in an office except my own here at home of course. Once I worked for the UN in Manhattan and did sit alone in an office indexing Office of Economic Development Country reports. Ugh! dull work! I read reports in English and French. the one great thing about working for the UN (I was on contract for a year) was that you didn't pay income tax... So that all people would be paid equally, those whose countries charged an income tax would receive a check in the mail equal to the tax taken out of each pay check. Can you imagine that?

Bhaswati said...

I am glad I am too laid back to suffer from that disease. LOL

Seriously, I feel worrying about not getting things done only encourages not getting them done. Instead, I try to enjoy whatever I am doing at the moment. Works well. :)

Leonard Blumfeld said...

Thanks, all 3 of you, for your comments!

In particular, I appreciate their bandwidth.

Oh the intricacies of UN tax policies and having to worry about whether or not to worry about things not getting done :)