Thursday, March 8, 2007

Up-to-the-second state of mind

What they call "zeitnah" in German, "close to time" – blogging on the razor edge of time.

  • The weather is doing its thing – rather on the gray, cloudy side – and isn't really dying for my input as far as I can tell
  • There, I've paid homage to the weather angels
  • I tried reading poetry to look for a quote which might lend itself to being blogged right now, on the razor edge of time and with some cohesive relevance, but nothing on the pages I skimmed stuck
  • I'm afraid this has more to do with my current burnt-out state than the state of poetry in general or in particular
  • Ramble, ramble
  • Did I manage to say anything useful, pertinent or essential that will go down in the annals of whatever?
  • I don't believe I did
  • Would I wish this onto many readers?
  • Frankly or unfrankly, I don't know
Your cheap neighborhood philosopher and hang-out artist Lem B.

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