Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Green trill

A fibonacci to raag basant (anytime spring season)

green trill
of leaves un-
folding. Listen up
close, sense the crackling of new life

– Leonard Blumfeld (copyright anytime spring season 2007)


the teach said...

This is very, very good, leon! Green trill (green the color of spring; trill the sound of the bird in spring; a sound can't be green in reality but it works in poetic imaging.)
There is a figure of speech called logodaedely - Cunning word play. Could this be applied to "Green trill"

Leon Blumfeld said...

Thanks, Mary! This is the first time I hear of "logodaedely", but it sounds appropriate here. Cunning perhaps, but not very premeditated :)
I'm glad you like this one!