Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Cavil – lovely word. Nothing you're supposed to do, but so easy to give in to. So here are my cavils for this morning:

  1. The weather, even though not downright depressing, could definitely be better.
  2. My head could be better. The well-known tension from too much computer work is coming on.
  3. The world situation could be immensely better. Good people could be in power (unlike Junior Bush, Kim Jong-il, Pootin and a few other shining stars I could think of).
  4. I could receive more e-mails from people I haven't written to. Still, they could be thinking of me and drop a line.
  5. Ultimate success has failed me.
  6. My fiancée could write or call. It's been too long.
  7. I could be doing things I like to do.
  8. Why do I have to do what I do? I mostly hate it.
  9. Particularly right now.
  10. Money, the most prevalent current incarnation of the constrictions of this material world, is the root of much evil.
  11. If it weren't for a lack of money, I could publish so many books, stage so many plays with my love in them, and nobody would have to read respectively see them except if they absolutely wanted to!

Gripes! Yikes! Enough!

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