Monday, February 26, 2007

Nothing to say no. 3

There might be more to say than nothing (be warned). It has been said about me that I hardly ever run out of words, and that, if I do, that's a very bad sign.

Today's list of events (non-exhaustive):
  • The rain gods meant well and opened their buckets.
  • The chill gods meant equally well.
  • Today's light was mostly grey. No, gray. One vowel grayer than grey.
  • Some primroses for sale at the grocery store brightened things.

  • I treated myself to some super expensive chocolate, the wrapper of which was more expensive than the taste.
  • I got work done slightly after the deadline, and then felt it was too late to get started on more work.
  • Failed miserably again in the fields of morning yoga & fibonacci.
  • What am I going do about that fall vacation with scooters that Blogger keeps suggesting for tabs?

Today was good,
today was fun,
tomorrow there will be
another one.

– Dr. Leon Seuss

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