Wednesday, November 21, 2012

No fury like one scorned

So you don’t like my gift?
Well, let me tell you
that a lot of others
have liked my gifts,
and they were smaller
than this one I gave you,
less smelly, less offensive,
less aggressive, not
nearly as loud and dirty.
So I’ll tell you what
you can do with this gift
of mine you don’t like –
you can throw it
in the nearest ditch
and kiss me good-bye
forever, you jackass,
see if I give a toss.

– Leonard “Giver of Gifts” Blumfeld (© 2012)

Posted as a 'gift' for Poets United.


Anonymous said...

Leonard.. that's one audacious poem.. liked it..

Libby Meador said...

Hah, the most heart-felt gifts scorned are the hardest to give (and get over I think).

Robyn Greenhouse said...

That's why it's best to just smile and say thank you when given a gift!

Listening Daisy said...

I unfortunately have been on both sides, displeased with a gift and had people displeased on what I have given.

Ella said...

I dislike those ungracious souls, who just can't say thank you~ Yikes!