Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Scenes from rural Minnesota I

Withergield and Freotheric were driving along the highway somewhere deep in nocturnal Minnesota, when Freotheric, who was the passenger, pointed at something through the windshield.
“See that light there, Wither?”
“Yeah, what about it?”
“Don't you think it's kinda strange to have that kinda light there with the sun down?”
“Hadn't thought about it. But you're right – it's big.”
“Damn right it's big. It's HUGE. And it goes off and then comes on again.”
“Must be an airport around here.”       
“Idiot. There ain't no airport around Gopher Prairie, Minnesota.”
“Then it's gotta be something else.”
“Damn right. And I'll tell you what it is: A erratic luminous omen. From Minnehaha.”

– Leonard “Minnesota” Blumfeld (© 2011)

Written around erratic, luminous and omen from 3WW. With borrowings from Barbara Guest and Sinclair Lewis.

Elucidatory notes
“Gopher Prairie” is the fictitious place in Minnesota where Sinclair Lewis' 1920 novel Main Street is set.
The characters Freotheric and Withergield appear in the poem “Legends” in Barbara Guest's 1976 collection “The Countess from Minneapolis.” The poem is set “in the woods near Minnehaha Falls.”


jaerose said...

I am not sure where 'Fargo' was set but I could imagine two old coots driving in their car in some rural wilderness having this conversation..delightfully kooky...Jae

ThomG said...

A good laugh in this, sir.

shammi said...

Quite apart from the word Minnehaha, which always brings a smile to my face because it sounds funny, I think Withergield and Freotheric are the BEST names for anybody, EVER! Are they Minnesotans? Or just Minnehahahahans?

Fear Not the Darkness but What lies Within said...

Sheilagh lee said very funny story.

Leonard Blumfeld said...

Thank you all for visiting and commenting.

I'm adding to the note to explain the references.

Jessica Prescott said...

very cute, and those names are great.

Mary said...

Haha - I can even see it from this side of the Mississippi- Wisconsin!
Funny write, neighbor :o)

Rinkly Rimes said...

I loved the way you managed to include all the words in one phrase.

gsb3 said...

This is hilarious. LOVED the use of the three words together and the intro dialogue comedy. Great going.

Anonymous said...

A light poem. Humorous. My 3WW:

Mike Patrick said...

I know those guys, but I thought they were from Missouri. Great piece.

andy sewina said...

Cool interweaving of events, thanks for posting the back story though.


Anonymous said...

Oh love how you used them all together. Fun story!