Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Seven shadows

Seven things that cast shadows ... or remove shadows
  1. Twists of fate (obviously these work both ways)
  2. Love in all its insincere, fitful, joyous, painful and – ultimately, hopefully – genuine, unadulterated incarnations
  3. Intersocial play ... the equality – inferiority – superiority game
  4. The weather
  5. The planets (anything can be blamed on planetary influences)
  6. I myself
  7. Constraints ... basically anything: taxes, traffic rules, work, the need to have dough ... anything that restricts freedom ... thank God for some of these

List inspired by Café Writing: "So, gimme seven things that cause shadows in your life OR gimme seven things that you do to chase the shadows away."

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MissMeliss said...

Apologies for taking so long to respond to you - I've been either slammed with work, away, or dealing with a very sick dog most of the summer.

First, thanks for participating. Second, I've added your link to the participants page, which will be live shortly, and third, if you want to be part of the blogroll, you will be. Just leave a comment saying, "Blogroll me, please." Or some such.

Finally, I enjoyed reading this. Welcome.