Friday, February 8, 2008

Time flies by ...

and you're not getting anything accomplished.

Ever had one of those days?

It's shaping up to be one for me, and frantic activity does not seem to be the answer. That seems to equate wheel spinning and rubber burning (smoke and stench – oh no!).


  • The sun's out brightly
  • A placid plane is making its way in the baby blue sky
  • I bet there are many people aboard who are doing something productive ... like sleeping, blowing their noses, reading fun trashy novels, getting acquainted with their neighbors or hoping their neighbors won't disturb them*, waiting for the next meal, etc.
  • Wouldn't mind being on a plane myself ... going somewhere
  • ... instead of sitting here at work not getting anywhere.


Len "Not So Inspired Workhorse"

* Ever read Anne Tyler's Accidental Tourist? (Highly recommendable – the movie, starring William Hurt, Kathleen Turner, Geena Davis and Bill Pullman, is also quite good.) Then you know what to do in order to prevent communication with fellow travelers.


Chuck said...

Well, Len (is that what we call you?), the sun is out. That's big for me -- unless it's raining and then i have an excuse to read a book and do nothing else.

Gr8 cast - heard of it, never read or seen it. Should. Maybe this weekend.

if you feel like it, stop on over and see an excerpt from my book. you of all folks i would love to hear from. thx bunches.

gr8 wk end to ya.

Leonard Blumfeld said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting, Chuck. Will stop by to see the excerpt from your book. Have a great weekend!