Friday, January 25, 2008

Sung by Joy

आनन्दमयि चैतन्यमयि सत्यमयि परमे
– Sri Aurobindo

These (om anandamayi chaitanyamayi satyamai parame) are the words of the first song on a wonderful CD I've had for years –
Hymns and Songs in Sanskrit, sung by Joy Chowdhury of Auroville, South India.

I briefly met Joy Chowdhury at a friend's house in Auroville late in 2004 and remember – and this is a memory that's stuck in my mind for incomprehensible reasons – seeing her vanish behind a curve of an Auroville dirt road on her scooter, with her daughter riding behind her.

– Leonard Blumfeld

The musicians are:

Joy Chowdhury - Vocals
Holger Jetter - Keyboards & arrangements
Bryce Grinlington - Flute
Krishna Both - Tabla
Nadaka - Tambura and additional vocal

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